Covid-19 Update

My oh my, it’s been a while since I’ve posted, and the world is completely different! Sweeping changes are on the horizon for the global travel industry. No one is entirely sure what it will look like. I am closely monitoring the developing Covid-19 situation, as it relates to what I am able to offer my guests.

Group unity, all eyes on the horizon, Guna Yala

Alaska: I am still uncertain whether or not I will travel to Alaska this summer to sea kayak guide for Anadyr Adventures, which is currently open for business, offering paddling tours out of Valdez, Alaska. I’ve guided 8 wonderful seasons there and I highly recommend them. If I don’t go this summer, perhaps summer 2021. Feel free to contact me for more info regarding Alaska.

Day trip to the Face of Columbia Glacier

Panama: As of today (May 27th) Panama’s borders remain closed to international travelers. I am hoping to be able to offer trips during my normal season, starting in December 2020 and into the 2021 season. I will be posting new and exciting trip offerings (new destinations in Panama) soon. Stay tuned! Panama has been handling the pandemic with strict quarantines and other safety precautions. I will base my operation decisions with the health of my guests and the communities that we visit as top priority, as well as following the CDC and other travel advisory recommendations. Panama will be an excellent destination to visit when we are safely able to do so, and I hope that you consider joining me on an adventure there! I believe strongly in community-based tourism, and many of the areas where I operate are being devastated by the lack of income from the disappearance of tourism. These communities will certainly benefit from the income boost once tourism starts up again. Plus, we all miss being together!

Kayaks ready to paddle, Guna Yala

SPECIAL UPDATE: My most popular trip in Panama, that I co-lead with my dear friend and yoga instructor, Leigh Lubin (YogaCurrents), is the Yoga/Kayak Retreat, a 9-day all-inclusive trip that explores both Pacific and Caribbean coasts of Panama. We are excited to be offering this trip for the 4th time: January 16-24, 2021. Let me know if you are interested. Who knows what will happen, but we reluctantly had to turn people down last year due to its popularity.

Fresh coconut water, Yoga/Kayak Retreat (2019)
Mother-Daughter quality hammock time, Yoga/Kayak Retreat (2019)

Opportunity to Give: Do you want to support families in need in Panama? You can still make a difference in these communities without leaving your couch. Contribute to the delivery of food and other necessities to vulnerable communities by making a donation to this GoFundMe Campaign that I established in March, in collaboration with a non-profit organization in Panama City that provides programs for underserved youth, LocalinPTY Kids Program. Victor, the founder of this program also operates LocalinPTY Tours, which offers tourists a unique experience getting to know locals in a neighborhood previously run-down and neglected by tourists. These are examples of community-based tourism at its’ best. Along with Victor, I have an active team of Panamanian community organizers who I send 100% of the donations to. Thus far, we have provided for hundreds of families, and hope to continue! Gracias:) If you don’t use Instagram and would like more information about these organizations, please let me know. They have rave reviews from those who have participated.

A family in Panama is happy to receive food donations during Covid-19 Lockdown

I invite you to check out my trips, get inspired by photos and videos, and start dreaming of your next adventure. Please don’t hesitate to contact me regarding trips, or just to say hello. Follow me on Instagram to stay up-to-date and get travel inspiration. Stay safe. Stay healthy. Take care of one another.

Join me in Guna Yala, Panama!

Hello! Hola! Nuedi (Guna greeting)! I’m getting amped up for a few months of tropical paradise! Welcome to my new website (which still needs a lot of work, so check it out in a few weeks). This is also my first blog post. . . perfect timing to plan your tropical holiday this winter. . . or maybe you’re already dreaming of a kayak trip in Alaska summer 2017!

Panama is an incredibly diverse and beautiful country, a destination worth exploring. And any trip to Panama should absolutely include at least a few days (better yet, an entire week!) in Guna Yala on the Caribbean side. This is the semi-autonomous zone of the Guna, one of the more prominent indigenous groups of Panama. You may know it as the San Blas islands, however the real name is Guna Yala!

White sandy beaches, bath-temperature turquoise water, hundreds of palm-tree dotted islands, incredible snorkeling, colorful hammocks swaying in a tropical breeze, fresh fish and fruit, sipping coconut water from a coconut, ideal sea kayaking conditions. . . do I really need to go on? It’s a tropical paradise!! Go on. . . see for yourself.

In addition to the aforementioned tropical qualities, the thing that I find most amazing about Guna Yala is the Guna. . . the people! I’ve never met such warm-hearted, friendly, quick-to-laugh-and-joke, fascinating people. And they’re so colorful! The trips I offer invite you to immerse yourself into the traditional lives of the Guna, which they are fighting to maintain. Eat what they eat. . . cook how they cook. . . participate in a traditional dance. . . check out the beautiful handicrafts. . . dress in their traditional way. . . witness their ceremonial structures and learn about their interesting customs. . . pick up a few Guna phrases. . . wander the narrow dirt paths of a community. . . listen to their creation stories and legends. . . play with some super cute kids!

I invite you to peruse my website for more information about the trips that I offer (don’t forget to check out the Alaska section for inspiration for next summer! It’s right around the corner) and please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions about anything! And the website will gradually become more user-friendly and concise, I promise:) You gotta start somewhere, right?

So, make it happen! Plan your sea kayak and cultural immersion tropical holiday today! Check out my other blog post about an exciting upcoming yoga retreat/kayak trip.

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